Hello there! I'm Amit Biswas, a software engineer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since graduating in Computer Science in 2021, I've worked in a startup and a service-based company, on many exciting projects ranging from digital experience solutions to fintech applications. These experiences have not only taught me to build performant, secure, and accessible web applications but also to collaborate and work in a multi-region remote team while keeping the productivity train running!

These days, I build stuff with Vue/Nuxt, Drupal, JaveScript/Typescript, TailwindCSS, and SCSS as a part of the frontend team. Being an avid learner, I recently ventured into the world of backend development with the help of a Gopher, and now exploring the patterns and ideas to build robust and secure APIs. When I'm not jamming to a "deep-work" playlist on Youtube, you might find me petting dogs, watching "The Office" or listening to 70's hits!

Let's connect on LinkedIn, or send me an email at contact@amitbiswas.me 👋🏼